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19 Best Things to Do in Malta With Kids (+Tips & Itinerary)

Thinking of visiting Malta with kids?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

The sun-soaked island of Malta is a Mediterranean gem. Full of history, culture, and natural beauty, Malta is the ideal family travel destination. If you’re looking for a country that caters to both the young and the young at heart, then Malta is the place to visit.

This tiny archipelago smack dab in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea offers a unique blend of ancient history, stunning natural beauty, and a welcoming atmosphere that makes it a great place for families. Whether you’re visiting Malta with toddlers or teenagers, the country has something for everyone. I’ve traveled with my children extensively throughout Europe, and I found Malta to be one of the more family-friendly destinations.

From exploring ancient Megalithic Temples to discovering hidden beaches, this guide covers the best activities in Malta for kids of all ages. I also cover where to stay in Malta as a family and give tips for visiting Malta with children as well as a suggested travel itinerary. These tips are based on my own first-hand experiences traveling to Malta with my two kids.

If you’re ready for a comprehensive guide to planning a family trip to Malta? Then read on for the one resource you’ll need for planning the best Malta family holiday.

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Is Malta Good For Families?

Yes, Malta is an excellent destination for families. The country has so many fun things to do with kids, like the Playmobil FunPark, the atmospheric city of Valletta, and of course the many beautiful beaches.

On top of the many places to visit with kids, Malta is also a very family-friendly country to travel in. It’s one of the great places in Europe to travel with children.

the author's husband stands on a wall in Malta with his kids. The man and his two children, one on either side of him, face away from the camera and look out on the harbor which is filled with boats.

When is the Best Time to Visit Malta?

The best time to visit Malta largely depends on your preferences. If you’re looking for a beach vacation, then head to Malta in the spring and early summer for the best temperatures with fewer crowds. April has average highs of 68 F (20 C), with temperatures creeping up to an average of 83 F (28 C) in June.

If you’re coming to Malta for a Valletta city break, or on a history-focused trip, then I suggest visiting in the shoulder months (or even in the winter). Malta gets very little rain, and temperatures are mild even in the winter months. With winters in Europe so cold everywhere else, Malta is a great warm weather destination in Europe to bring the kids.

While I would avoid Malta in July and August when temperatures and crowds are at their peak, you really can’t go too wrong with visiting Malta at any time.

19 Best Things To Do in Malta With Kids

Three kids, including the author's children, look into a tank full of fish at the Malta National Aquarium, which is one of the best things to do in Malta with kids.
The Malta National Aquarium is one of the best places in Malta for families.

1. Malta National Aquarium

The Malta National Aquarium, located along the St. Paul’s Bay waterfront, is one of the best places to visit in Malta with your family. 

One highlight is the long glass tunnel where you stroll with sharks and rays gliding overhead. My kids were captivated and didn’t want to leave this area, making it almost impossible to see the rest of the aquarium.

The aquarium also has numerous tanks showcasing a diverse array of species. From colorful fish and ancient shipwrecks, there’s lots to see and explore, making it the perfect activity for curious young minds. 

2. Popeye Village

Malta’s Popeye Village is a quirky yet enjoyable experience for the whole family. This former film set turned beach resort offers a kitschy but fun-filled day out.

The village is the actual film set from the 1980 Popeye movie. Visitors can walk through the set, complete with staff dressed in pirate costumes and pirate-themed bars and restaurants.

If you’re looking for a quiet, relaxing day at the beach, then this is not the place for you. At Popeye Village, they blare the music nonstop and the small beach gets quite crowded. Despite this, the atmosphere is lively and vibrant. The overall fun and spirited atmosphere at Popeye Village makes it a worthwhile stop for families seeking a unique experience in Malta.

The author stands in the Upper Barrakka Gardens in the MAltese capital of Valletta. She stands in front of a black wrought iron barrier with the blue water of the harbor in the distance.
At the Upper Barrakka Gardens.

3. Upper Barrakka Gardens

These gardens, located within Valletta’s city walls, have stunning views across the harbor of the Three Cities.

With benches and lots of open space, it’s the perfect place to bring the kids. We really enjoyed wandering around the gardens, taking in the views, and giving the kids a chance to run around and blow off steam.

Another big draw for bringing kids to the Upper Barrakka Gardens is the daily cannon firing. This neat display, involving loading and firing the military cannons, takes place daily at noon and 4 PM. Kids will love the excitement of the big cannon boom!

Pro tip: if your kids are sensitive to loud noises (mine certainly are), skip the cannon firing. It’s quite old and may scare very young children.

view from the water of the three cities in Malta. Small boats line the waterfront and a red tiled dome can be seen in the background.
View of the Three Cities.

4. The Three Cities

The Three Cities in Malta—Vittoriosa, Senglea, and Cospicua—sit directly across from Valletta. This collection of cities hosted some of the earliest inhabitants on the island. The harbor inlets here have served as ports since Phoenician times, carrying a rich maritime legacy.

Many visitors skip the Three Cities, and in doing so they miss out on an authentic glimpse into Maltese daily life, as well as Malta’s vibrant history and maritime heritage. They are especially fun to see with kids. You’ll wander through tightly winding alleys and pedestrian-only streets, past bakeries and storefronts. It’s a chance to experience genuine local life while uncovering Malta’s maritime past.

The charm of the Three Cities lies in their authenticity and the opportunity they offer for families to delve into Maltese history. With centuries of history echoing through their streets, these cities provide an immersive and educational experience for visitors.

5. Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is Malta’s most popular beach and a breathtakingly beautiful must-see spot. Despite overcrowding, it’s worth going to see the shimmering blue waters with mesmerizing hues of blue, green, and turquoise. It’s undoubtedly the country’s most stunning sight, drawing visitors far and wide.

Situated on Comino Island, visiting the Blue Lagoon requires a boat trip from the main island. You can visit by chartering a private boat or by joining an excursion from St. Paul’s Bay or Sliema. Whichever way you get there, just note that there are no amenities at the Blue Lagoon. Come prepared with any food, water, sunscreen, and anything else you’ll need for a sun-soaked day on the water. 

The Blue Lagoon’s picturesque setting and crystal-clear waters remain unparalleled. It’s an especially good day trip for families with kids who are good independent swimmers and who appreciate a scenic beach and crystal clear waters.

6. BirdPark Malta

With a diverse collection of over 200 bird and animal species, BirdPark Malta stands out as a top Malta attraction for families. Here you’ll see flamingos, pelicans, and swans living happily alongside kangaroos, wallabies, antelope, and more.

BirdPark Malta, in addition to being good fun, is also educational. Visitors can learn about bird behavior, the mechanics of bird flight, migration patterns, and natural habitats. One highlight is feeding the flamingos, which is a neat experience for kids and adults alike.

Pro tip: Entry to the park is free with the Malta Pass.

the author's daughter climbs up a ladder at the playmobil fun park in Malta, one of the best places to go in Malta with kids.
The PlayMobil Fun Park is a must-visit for families!

7. Playmobil Fun Park

In my opinion, PlayMobil Fun Park should be on every family’s agenda in Malta. Although out of the main tourist core, it’s a fantastic spot for younger kids, promising hours of entertainment. 

Inside, the park has dozens of tables covered with PlayMobil sets for kids to play with. They can unleash their creativity and build large creations.

Outside, there are play areas where kids can climb and slide. There’s also an outdoor water feature, which was the highlight for my kids. They spent hours gleefully pumping water into the tubs and sending boats downstream.

According to my kids, this one one of the top things we did in Malta. For them, it was the highlight of the trip.

narrow, city streets of Mdina.
Inside the Old city of Mdina.

8. Mdina Old City

The captivating ancient city of Mdina not only holds a significant place in Malta’s history but is also a delightful place for families. Its pedestrian-walled city contains a maze of narrow alleys, churches, and bustling shops and eateries—a vibrant tapestry of sights and sounds.

One of the best things to do in Mdina is to head to the top of the city walls. Here you’ll find panoramic views and a promenade good for families to enjoy. It’s a picturesque spot, perfect for a leisurely stroll. 

Pro tip: If visiting during the summer, avoid visiting the Mdina city walls at midday. This uncovered area is completely exposed to the sun and gets unbearably hot.

A great family-friendly way to experience Mdina is to take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city. It’s a delightful activity for kids, offering a leisurely tour of the city’s historic streets while adding an extra touch of ancient charm.

landscape photos of the island of Gozo in Malta. There are densely packed buildings in the foreground and a domed church off in the distance.
Visiting the island of Gozo is a great day trip for families visiting Malta.

9. Day Trip to Gozo

A mere 25-minute ferry ride from Malta to Gozo finds you on a tranquil island steeped in medieval architecture and atmosphere. Visiting this scenic island will transport you back to a time of knights and walled cities. 

Gozo is perfect for a day trip, especially if you rent a car

Victoria (also known as Rabat) is Gozo’s capital. This walled medieval city is a must-see. Cut off by its thick walls, walking through the Citadel of Victoria will make you forget you live in the 21st century. 

Beyond Victoria, there are several other must-see sights on the island. One of these is the inland sea, with large rock cliffs and an idyllic lake. It’s a nice spot to dip your toes on a hot day or take a boat ride into the caves nestled within the cliffs. The Ggantija megalithic temple and picturesque Ramla Bay are also some of the best places to go on the island.

colorful fishing boats, painted bright blue, yellow, and red, sitting in the blue water of the Marsaxlokk harbor.
The colorful fishing village of Marsaxlokk.

10. Marsaxlokk

Marsaxlokk might not boast many attractions, but skipping this quaint fishing village would be a mistake. 

Its claim to fame? The harbor here is filled with traditional Maltese fishing boats, each one adorned with the iconic charm warding off the evil eye. This is the only town in Malta where you can still see these distinctive vessels crowded into the harbor.

Primarily known for its seafood, Marsaxlokk reels visitors in with a plethora of delightful fish restaurants — just take your pick!

I loved walking the town and letting the kids run around and explore the outdoor market. There is a real laid-back feel here, a sense that time is standing still. What better way to enjoy it than to sit back, relax, and munch on the freshest fish you’ll ever eat?

a sea cave, photographed from above, formed by a natural rock bridge on the west coast of Malta.
Malta’s Blue Grotto is fun to explore with kids.

11. The Blue Grotto

Visiting Malta’s Blue Grotto ranks high among the country’s must-do activities, especially for families with kids, and the best way to do this is by boat.

During the tourist season, boats depart for the grotto roughly every ten minutes. The ride winds through a series of sea caves nestled within the rugged cliffs. The main attraction is the Blue Grotto itself, the largest of these caves, captivating visitors with its stunning azure hues.

Weather conditions can impact these trips, so I recommend calling ahead to find out if boats are running. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take the boat ride due to poor weather. Luckily, even if boat rides are canceled, you can still catch a glimpse of the grotto’s entrance from above. While not quite as spectacular as heading inside the caves, you’ll still have a chance to see this remarkable natural wonder.

12. Ramla Bay

For a no-frills European beach day, Ramla Bay is your spot.

This beautiful stretch of sand is Gozo’s largest sandy beach, and arguably the best beach in Malta. Unlike other beaches, you won’t find loungers for rent here. Simply spread your towel on the soft sand and soak in a day of sunshine and relaxation.

Ramla Bay’s sandy expanse makes it an ideal destination for families with kids of all ages. Your little ones will enjoy splashing about in the water and building sandcastles. It’s the perfect spot for a fun-filled family day by the sea.

13. Golden Bay

Golden Bay gets its name from its sands, which are a striking golden color.

Expect a bustling and vibrant scene at Golden Bay. The atmosphere is lively, with a number of activities on offer. You can participate in watersports, rent parasols, or visit the string of cafes and bars lining the beachfront. 

This lively setting has plenty to do for both kids and parents, promising your day at the beach will be full of fun.

It Tempjital Ggantija, one of MAlta's megalithic temples. Two large, rectangular stones stand upright, framing some medium sized stones, also upright, and topped with rectangular stones arranged horizontally.
Inside one of Malta’s megalithic temples.

14. Malta’s Megalithic Temples

The Megalithic Temples in Malta are some of the oldest man-made structures in the world, predating the Greeks and Romans by nearly 3,000 years.

Spread across Malta and Gozo, these seven temples collectively form a UNESCO World Heritage Site. While we were in Malta we explored five of these temples and found them incredibly intriguing.

Even if pre-history isn’t your cup of tea, consider visiting at least one of these temples during your time in Malta. It’s truly remarkable that these structures have stood the test of time, lasting for 5,000 years. Just imagine the skills and capabilities of the early humans who constructed these massive structures!

While older kids might find these stops a little boring (unless you lucked out with a mini-history buff), my young kids had a blast. The open spaces meant they could be loud and run around, and they loved playing with their toys in the rocks and dirt surrounding the temples. 

Two kids play on a red and yellow seesaw, with a golf cart in the background. They are taking a break from the rolling geeks tour of Malta's three cities.
Taking a playground break during our Rolling Geeks tour (note the golf cart parked in the background).

15. Rolling Geeks Tour

Discovering Malta’s Three Cities through a Rolling Geeks tour is an adventure in itself. These self-drive electric cars come equipped with pre-programmed GPS, providing not only a guided tour but also detailed explanations about the sites you’ll encounter.

These cars offer a fun, safe, and easy driving experience, perfect for exploring the area’s highlights. The tour encompasses everything from the renowned Malta Film Studios to impressive forts, guiding you through the charming, narrow streets that define this historic region.

In just around two and a half hours, your Rolling Geek leads you on a comprehensive tour of Malta’s famous Three Cities. You can hop off anywhere and anytime you’d like and explore the sites on foot.

Navigating these electric cars alongside regular traffic might be frightening at first, but the tour keeps you along minor roads with few cars. Even when cars pass, they do so respectfully and give a wide berth.

16. Malta Fun Trains

Discover Malta’s charm aboard the Malta Fun Trains, available in both Valletta and Rabat.

The Fun Train in Valletta is a delightful 30-minute trackless ride around the heart of the city. Leaving daily every 30 minutes from the city center, the train winds past medieval fortifications and treats passengers to breathtaking views of the Grand Harbour. It’s a unique and enjoyable way for the entire family to explore Valletta, highlighting historic landmarks and scenic vistas

Meanwhile, the Rabat Fun Train takes you on a scenic route through the silent city of Mdina. Traverse picturesque streets and take in the historic architecture aboard these charming trains. Operating six days a week, 30-minute rides depart every hour. It’s an ideal, family-friendly way to soak in the beauty and history of Rabat and Mdina at a leisurely pace.

Walled city of Valletta, the capital of Malta, with its orange stoned city walls rising high above the water. a small red boat with a yellow awning cuts across the foreground.
View of Valletta from aboard the Valletta Harbor Cruise.

17. Valletta Harbor Tour

The best way to appreciate the importance of  Valletta as a strategic military location is from the water. To do this, I recommend taking a Valletta Harbor Tour.

Renowned as one of the world’s most beautiful and historic harbors, Valletta truly shines when viewed from the water.

Many of these cruises offer narrated tours that delve into Malta’s history, particularly its pivotal role during World War II. It’s a fantastic educational experience for families, highlighting the country’s significance in global events.

With many tour options available, a harbor cruise is a convenient activity that can easily fit into any itinerary. It’s an engaging way to appreciate Valletta’s splendor and historical significance, offering an unforgettable experience for families exploring Malta.

18. Esplora – Malta’s Interactive Science Center

At Villa Bighi in Kalkara, overlooking the majestic Grand Harbour, an old Royal Navy hospital building has been transformed into Esplora, Malta’s interactive science center.

Esplora aims to transform how visitors experience science, turning it into an enjoyable and thrilling experience. Visitors are encouraged to engage firsthand through interactive and immersive activities.

The center offers a diverse array of attractions, including a Planetarium, an Outdoor Adventure Experience, an Activity Centre, and interactive exhibition halls tailored to suit every age and interest. These features ensure that every member of your family, no matter their age, finds something that captivates them.

19. Splash & Fun Waterpark

When ocean swimming loses appeal, and you’re tired of cleaning sand off of unmentionable body parts, dive into a different kind of aquatic adventure at Malta’s Splash and Fun Waterpark.

The park boasts a variety of attractions, from numerous waterslides to a lazy river and a wave pool, catering to all levels of thrill-seekers.

Entertainment isn’t limited to water-based rides. There’s lively music, dancing, aqua aerobics, face painting, and engaging games and competitions, both in and out of the water. These activities add an extra splash of fun and excitement for families looking for a dynamic day out.

Map of the Best Things to Do in Malta With Kids

Best Places to Stay in Malta for Families


The capital of Malta is one of the best places to stay in the country. Families visiting Malta should consider staying in Valletta due to its central location and charm. The city serves as a convenient hub for exploring Malta, offering easy access to various activities and attractions across the island. With its historical sites, bustling markets, and proximity to transportation, Valletta provides a practical and delightful base for families to make the most of their stay in Malta.


Consider Sliema as an ideal stay for families visiting Malta, offering a blend of central location and a local vibe. While centrally situated, Sliema provides a more local atmosphere, allowing families to immerse themselves in everyday Maltese life. Its proximity to Valletta, easily accessible by boat, ensures convenient access to the capital’s attractions. Additionally, Sliema serves as a hub for harbor tours and ferries, making it a practical choice for families seeking easy connections to explore the islands while experiencing an authentic local ambiance.

view of medieval stone walled city along blue harbor

Where is Malta?

Malta is an archipelago of five islands located in the central Mediterranean Sea. Due to their close proximity, many people wrongly believe Malta is part of Italy. It’s actually a separate country with a unique history and culture.

The country of Malta lies approximately 176 miles (283 kilometers) to the north of Tunisia and about 60 miles (97 kilometers) south of Sicily, Italy. This strategic position has not only shaped its rich history but also makes it easily accessible for travelers seeking a unique Mediterranean experience.

The main islands that make up the country of Malta are Malta and Gozo. These islands are where the majority of cities and attractions are found. The island of Comino sits between Malta and Gozo and is where the popular Blue Lagoon can be found. The last two islands, Cominotto and Filfla, are small and uninhabited.

Despite its close proximity to Sicily, the two are very different. One of the main differences when comparing Malta versus Sicily are their different histories. Malta contains some of the earliest known evidence of human inhabitance in the world, while archaeological sights on Sicily are predominately Greco-Roman. This, among others, is one of the many reasons Malta is worth a visit in its own right.

How to Get to Malta

By Air

Getting to Malta by air is convenient, with Malta International Airport being the main gateway. The airport hosts numerous international flights from major European cities and various destinations worldwide. Travelers can access Malta via direct flights or with layovers in connecting cities, ensuring straightforward access to this Mediterranean island nation.

By Ferry

To reach Malta by ferry, travelers can opt for daily ferry services from Sicily, Italy. These ferries operate regularly, providing a convenient maritime connection between Sicily and Malta. Passengers can board these ferries from Sicilian ports, such as Pozzallo or Catania, for a comfortable journey across the Mediterranean Sea to reach Malta’s ports.

Getting Around Malta with Kids

Public Buses

Buses are an affordable way to get around Malta. The Malta Public Transport system operates an extensive network of buses that connect major tourist areas on the main island of Malta and on Gozo. 

Routes begin in Valletta in Malta and the town of Victoria in Gozo. While buses can buses don’t always arrive on schedule, their routes cover the majority of the island. You can take the bus to places like Mdina and Marsaxlokk, and even to some beach spots. 

The one downside of Malta’s bus system is that you often have to transit through Valletta, which can be and inefficient use of your time.

Rental Car

Malta has some of the cheapest rental car rates in all of Europe. Renting a car in Malta is easy and will give you a lot of flexibility and allow you to visit many hard-to-reach areas. 

Driving in Malta is not difficult, but parking can be hard to find, especially in the cities. Also note that traffic, especially around Valletta, is often an issue. Malta is one of the most densely populated countries in Europe and the Maltese love to drive, leading to overcrowded roads.


Ferries connect Valletta to nearby cities and the islands of Gozo and Comino. Taking the ferry can be a scenic and relaxing way to get around the islands, and is often faster than driving (depending on traffic).

Note that ferries may be canceled due to weather. When we were in Malta, the ferry connecting Sliema to Valletta was often canceled due to choppy seas. We ended up having to drive between the two, which took twice as long.

Ride Share

You won’t have any trouble using ride-share services in Malta. While Uber and Lyft supposedly work in the country, I never had any luck using those apps in Malta. Instead, I recommend downloading the Bolt App

Bolt is a reliable ride-share service that is commonly used throughout Malta. Through Bolt, you can book standard cars, child seats, or even larger minivans. The service is affordable and convenient and the best alternative to renting a car.

Private Tour

If you have a specific Malta itinerary in mind or are looking for a convenient way to get around the country and make the most of your time there, then consider hiring a private driver.

Private tours take away the stress of having to navigate and drive in a foreign place. They allow you to relax and conserve energy, keeping you fresh for lots of sightseeing. Plus, having a local driver gives you the opportunity for cross-cultural interactions. You can ask questions about life in Malta, the history of the country, and more. It’s a great opportunity to learn about Malta beyond the guidebook.

We booked two private day tours through Edmond Garage, a locally owned and run company. They provided us with car seats for the kids and had large vans that accommodated our extended family group. Edmond Garage let us customize our tour itinerary, allowing us to focus on the sites we were interested in and not requiring us to stick with a canned itinerary. 

While I recommend Edmond Garage, there are many private tour companies operating in Malta.

medieval stone wall with a lookout tower sticking out the top, over a harbor.

How Long to Stay in Malta with Kids?

For families planning a trip to Malta, allocating five to seven days is recommended for an enriching experience. This duration allows ample time to explore Malta’s key attractions, historical sites, and scenic spots at a relaxed pace. With this timeframe, families can enjoy diverse activities, soak in the island’s rich history, visit multiple locations, and still have moments of leisure without feeling rushed.

5 Malta Travel Tips

  1. Download the Bolt App – Use this ride-share app for hassle-free transportation around Malta. With it, you can conveniently access rides and travel across the island.
  2. Get an international driver’s license – If you plan to rent a car and drive in Malta, you will need an international driver’s license. This license validates your driving credentials and is technically required for drivers who don’t hold an EU license.
  3. Take ferries when possible – Opt for ferries as an enjoyable and practical means of getting around Malta. Whether connecting between cities on the island of Malta itself or transiting to Gozo and Comino, the ferries are scenic and convenient ways to explore this archipelago of islands.
  4. Don’t skip Gozo – If you travel to Malta but don’t leave the island of Malta, you’re missing out on a quintessential element of the country. Explore Gozo to discover its unique allure and cultural richness. It’s full of serene serene landscapes, historical sites, and local charm, making your Maltese adventure even more fulfilling.
  5. Respect Local Customs – Malta is a largely conservative and devout Catholic country. Dress modestly when visiting churches or religious sites, and don’t sunbathe nude on the beaches.

5-Day Sample Malta Itinerary for Families

Day 1: The ancient city of Valletta

  • Visit St Johns Co Cathedral
  • Take the Malta Fun Train
  • Head to the Upper Barraka Gardens for the daily cannon firing
  • End with a sunset cruise of the Valletta Harbor

Day 2: Island of Malta, part 1

  • Hire a car or book a tour around the island of Malta
  • Visit the Ħaġar Qim megalithic temple
  • Take a boat tour of Malta’s Blue Grotto
  • Lunch in Marsaxlokk
  • Afternoon at the PlayMobil Fun Park

Day 3: Island of Malta, part 2

  • Wander the old walled city of Mdina
  • Visit the Mosta Rotunda
  • Malta National Aquarium

Day 4: Gozo

  • Take the ferry to Gozo
  • Visit Ġgantija megalithic temple
  • Wander the citadel in Victoria
  • Swim or take a boat tour at the Inland Sea

Day 5: The Three Cities

  • Take a Rolling Geeks tour of the Three Cities
  • Visit the Esplora Science Center
  • Take a taxi boat back to Valletta for dinner and sunset views

Is Malta Safe for Families?

Yes, Malta is generally safe for families. It boasts a low crime rate, welcoming locals, and a family-friendly atmosphere. With its hospitable environment and various attractions, it’s considered a safe destination for families to explore and enjoy.

FAQ: Visiting Malta With Kids

Is Malta cheap or expensive?

Malta tends to be moderately priced, leaning slightly towards the affordable side compared to some other European destinations. However, prices can vary depending on the area and the tourist season.

Is Malta suitable for kids?

Absolutely! Malta is great for kids! The country has a nice blend of historical sites, family-friendly attractions, and outdoor activities, making it an enjoyable destination for children of all ages.

Is Malta nice for families?

Yes, Malta is a great destination for families. It offers a mix of historical sites, scenic landscapes, and family-friendly activities, providing an enjoyable and diverse experience for all ages.

What is Malta famous for?

Malta is renowned for its rich history, ancient temples, picturesque coastline, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant cultural heritage, including UNESCO World Heritage sites and stunning natural landscapes.

Is Malta a good place for Americans to visit?

Absolutely, Malta is a fantastic destination for Americans. With its English-speaking population, historic sites, beautiful landscapes, and welcoming atmosphere, it’s an ideal place for American travelers to explore and enjoy.

Which part of Malta has the best beaches?

The northern part of Malta, particularly areas like Mellieha and Golden Bay, is known for having some of the island’s best beaches with golden sands and crystal-clear waters.

Final Thoughts: Things to Do With Kids in Malta

I hope this family-friendly list of things to do in Malta helps you plan the best family vacation. With so many great things to see and do, Malta is a fun family holiday destination that you and your kids will enjoy. Whether you’re looking for pristine beaches, early human history, or charming medieval cities, Malta has it all.